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2017 Candian Winners of Toyota Dream Car Art Contest

Toyota Dream Car Art Contest announces Nine 2017 Canadian Youth Finalists. The Toyota Dream Art Contest challenges youth globally to think creatively about what they think “dream cars” should be, and provide them with a forum to unleash their wildest imaginations. Each year the contes ... Read More

Toyota Canadian Black Book Awards

It’s no secret that Toyota manufactures some pretty incredible cars. Whether it was introducing the consumer to the Luxury SUV with the Lexus RX in the 1990s, or pioneering and building the Prius in preparation for the demand for the green car, Toyota has always been a forward-thinking organiz ... Read More

Toyota North America

Toyota, a company founded in 1937, continues to grow and set new benchmarks nearly 80 years later. Recently, Toyota announced that 2016 was one of its most successful years yet. With over 2 Million vehicles built at its North American assembly plants, production not only went up 4.4 percent year ... Read More

Ogiso Toyota

Diesel has long been touted as a cost-effective alternative to traditional unleaded gasoline. Now, thanks to great developments in technology, hybrid vehicles have now reached price parity with their diesel counterparts, according to one of the world’s leading experts in the electrification of ... Read More

AI Toyota

Have you seen the movie iRobot? You know, the one with Will Smith where he plays a cop who hates robots but ends up protecting one that can exhibit emotions? Well, it looks like robots may still be a little down the pipeline, but Toyota is almost ready to launch an Artificial Intelli ... Read More

Toyota Prius Euro NCAP

It’s no secret that Toyota’s deliver reliable vehicles at competitive rates. Year over year, the Japanese auto maker manages to top world rankings as the one of the largest, if not the largest car maker across the globe. With awards under its belt in North America, it’s great to se ... Read More

Microsoft Toyota

In today’s day and age, our cars are become more of an extension of ourselves than many other facets of our lives. That’s why Toyota has announced a collaboration with Microsoft to expand its capabilities in data management to help accelerate the development of a better c ... Read More

Toyota Mirai

Toyota is a car company that is continually improving and setting the precedent in clear driving initiatives to help reduce the car manufacturing industry’s carbon foot print. Last year, the organization released the Hydrogen-Fueled Mirai in select markets in North America. Now ... Read More

Toyota Celica Lexus

Some people build strong attachments to their vehicles, it’s inevitable. On that note, if you’ve got a 1983 Toyota Celica coupe, maybe you’re so enamored with the level of nostalgia that it embodies that you just can’t lay it to rest. Such was the case with a resident of Cali ... Read More

Standard Auto Brakes

Posted: 03/23/2016

Toyota Avalon

Toyota and Lexus have always been heralded as automakers that are very forward-thinking. In the 1990’s Toyota saw a need for environmental sustainability and became the first company to offer a hybrid vehicle with the Prius. Later in that decade, Lexus essentially created a new ... Read More

Toyota Prius

It hasn’t been long since the 2016 Toyota Prius has made its way off the production line and into dealerships across the globe. That being said, this compact Hybrid is taking many markets by storm – especially in Japan. For the third month in a row, it has ... Read More

Toyota C-HR

Toyota has long been considered a company that’s innovative, excited and driven to succeed. Having recently won a variety of titles and awards including the “Most Admired Car Maker in the World” by Fortune Magazine, Toyota now has set out to continue its success by ... Read More

Toyota Most Admired

Okay, we’ve all known that Toyotas are pretty much the greatest cars on the planet for a while now. So it was only natural for the rest of the globe to share the sentiment. According to Fortune Magazine’s survey of the “World’s Most Admired Car Companies,&rdqu ... Read More

Don Valley North Toyota

It is with great pride that we announce that Don Valley North Toyota has been named 2016 Auto Remarketing Canada Certified Pre-Owned Dealer of the Year. To win the award, our dealership had to sell the most CPO vehicles, and we did, with a total of 855 certified units ... Read More

Toronto Raptors

Now, we normally don’t post a lot of content outside of the automotive world on our pages. However, the Toronto Raptors are doing some great things this year and we think that warrants a special mention on Don Valley North Toyota’s website. With the NBA All Star game set ... Read More

Toyota Emblem

Toyota has done it again. The Japanese auto manufacturer remains the world’s top carmaker for the fourth straight year. With worldwide sales set at an astounding 10.15 million vehicles, it placed ahead of runners up Volkswagen and General Motors for the 2015 crown. It is import ... Read More

2016 Toyota Tundra

Pick-up trucks normally are not synonymous with providing a comfortable and safe environment for child safety seats. The 2016 Toyota Tundra on the other hand, is here to change that perception as it has scored solid As and Bs across the board of Cars.com’s 2016 Car Seat Check. ... Read More

Toyota Prius Girls

By now, you’re probably very familiar with the Toyota Prius. With that in mind, have you been acquainted with the “Prius Impossible Girls”? The Japanese culture loves its technology and it also loves its anime – putting two and two together, Toyota came up wit ... Read More

Mirai Detroit Auto Show

Have you ever seen the movie iRobot? Well, it looks like we’ll be seeing the cars with the capabilities of the ones in the movie come off of the big screen and onto our roads in the near future. It looks as though pretty soon your car will be able to avoid collisions, download movies and get u ... Read More

Winter Cold Snap

It seems like it was 2015 when we last had mild winter temperatures. Okay, New Year’s dad jokes aside, 2016 has brought with it a series of cold fronts to usher us into the year. As CP24 reports, an extreme cold weather alert has been issued for the City of Markham and other re ... Read More

2016 Toyota Prius Fuel Economy

The Toyota Prius celebrated its 18th anniversary of being released in Japan this year. The world’s first mass-produced hybrid vehicle was well ahead of its time, paving the way for a new class of cars with a reduced carbon footprint in mind. By setting the bar so high in its la ... Read More

Scion FR S

We all knew that Australia’s got some really cool things going for it. The sunny days, beautiful beaches, warm weather and surfing. Now, it looks as though the home of the Outback will be receiving another special feature, the Toyota 86 (Scion FR S in North America) Blackline S ... Read More

Toyota IIHS

Safety is paramount with any vehicle and Toyota gets it. Thanks to the its use of advanced technologies to help prevent frontal vehicle collisions, the Japanese automaker has taken top spot on the IIHS list for safest cars in the United States. Ranking number one amon ... Read More

Toyota S FR

It’s like the little sport car that could. Considered one of Auto Express’ highlights of the 2015 Tokyo Auto Show, the Toyota SF R is a tiny rear-wheel-drive coupe that aims to take on the Mazda MX-5. Recently, the Japanese automaker released a few teaser images to sati ... Read More

Toyota Mirai

The Toyota Mirai has been receiving a lot of love from us recently and rightfully so. The Japanese automaker’s first foray into a hydrogen-fuel cell vehicle for the masses has been a great hit in its limited release. With current consumer testing taking place in California, T ... Read More

Toyota Sienna R Tuned

Gone are the days where minivans were meant to transport a large number of people in comfort. Okay, maybe not really. Let’s just say that this supped-up R-Tuned Toyota Sienna packs some serious power at the cost of passenger seating and maybe a few other factors. In preparation for the 2015 ... Read More

Toyota FJ Cruiser

They say that cars are supposed to depreciate in value as soon as they drive off the lot. Well, someone forgot to tell Toyota FJ Cruiser buyers – because it looks like the robust SUV is not only retaining its value, it’s appreciating. The 2014 season saw the last of the FJ Cruisers, ca ... Read More