Extra Care Protection

Protect your investment and elevate your peace of mind with a Toyota Extra Care Protection Service Agreement

Despite being built to last and having an extensive warranty, unexpected situations can still occur with your Toyota. To give you peace of mind, Toyota provides Toyota Extra Care Protection (ECP) Service Agreements that come with terms and coverage.

ECP Service
Agreement Plan


The ECP Platinum Service Agreement, our most comprehensive service options, covering nearly all components; with the addition of a number of other services including:

  • For Vehicles with 12 months/16,000 kilometer oil change intervals, you'll enjoy the first 3 years of Maintenance Service Program*

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For Used Vehicles Choose From Comprehensive, Powertrain, Major Component, or Platinum Extra Care Coverage.


If your Toyota vehicle needs to stay overnight for repairs or replacements of covered components that take longer than 8 hours, we will refund your transportation expenses for up to 5 days. If the covered components are on back-order, we can also reimburse your alternate transportation costs for an additional 5 days.


By obtaining an ECP Service Agreement, you have the opportunity to secure your budget from the increasing costs of vehicle repairs and to uphold the resale value of your Toyota vehicle. Furthermore, the ECP Service Agreement is entirely transferable to a new owner. In case you decide to sell your vehicle while the service plan is still in effect, you can enhance the worth of your vehicle by including the service plan with the sale.