Extra Care Protection – Used Vehicles – Powertrain Coverage Plan

Used Vehicles - Powertrain Coverage Plan - Benefits

The ECP Powertrain Coverage provides protection for items such as the engine, manual or automatic transmission, front wheel drive and other components. Powertrain Coverage is available for vehicles up to seven model years old.

With Extra Care Portection, the used vehicle you purchase from your Toyota dealer can benefit from inflation protected coverage for unexpected mechanical failure, road emergencies, and much more. It is the affordable and cost effective way to guarantee your peace of mind motoring and to protect your investment. ECP will enhance the quality experience of owning your vehicle while helping to protect the resale value down the road. You must buy your plan at the same time you buy your used vehicle.

What if the Vehicle Still has a Factory Warranty

ECP offers much more. Whether you lease or buy, it can provide you and your vehicle with coverage for services such as towing, emergency road service, rental assistance, trip interruption assistance and travel planning assistance. It can cover you and your used vehicle when your factory warranty ends providing coverage for terms up to 36 months or 60,000 kilometers, whichever comes first.

Used Vehicles - Powertrain Coverage Plan - Benefits

Extra Care Protection is available on all used Toyota cars and trucks, including selected luxury vehicles. Ask your salesperson about eligibility and assure yourself you have protected your investment.

Vehicle Engine

Engine block and all internally lubricated mechanical components, cylinder heads, timing chain tensioner, valve covers, oil pan, engine mounts, intake and exhaust manifolds, turbo/supercharger assembly, crankshaft pulley, harmonic balancer, flywheel, flex plate, starter ring gear, oil pump, air cleaner assembly (except air filter), engine oil filter bracket/union, balance shaft, balancer housing.

Front / Rear Wheel Drive

Differentials and all internally lubricated mechanical components, CV-joints, U-joints, bearings, bushings, propeller shafts, axle shafts, yokes, couplings.

Four Wheel Drive (4WD)

Transfer case and all internally lubricated mechanical components, front/center/rear differential assemblies and all internally lubricated mechanical components, front hub and spindle assembly (including locking device).

Manual Transmission / Transaxle

Case and all internally lubricated mechanical components, extension housing, mounts, clutch master cylinder, clutch release cylinder.

Automatic Transmission / Transaxle

Case and all internally lubricated mechanical components, extension housing, oil pan, torque converter, mounts, shift solenoids, oil cooler and lines, oil pump, shift control computer.

Cooling System

Water pump and pulley, coolant reserve tank, thermal fan switch, coolant solenoid valve, fluid coupling, cooling fan assembly, engine oil cooler and lines, radiator.

Seals & Gasket / Fluids & Filters

All seals and gaskets used to contain fluids/lubricants within covered components. Every ECP repair includes the replacement of coolant, refrigerant, transmission fluid and filter, engine oil and filter, hydraulic fluids and lubricants when required as a result of the failure of a covered component.

Extra Benefits

All three ECP plans keep you covered with these extra feature benefits: Towing, Emergency Road Services, Vehicle Rental Assistance, Trip Interruption Assistance and Travel Planning Assistance.

Owner Maintenance Items

Toyota Extra Care Protection Plans for used vehicles do not cover maintenance items such as but not limited to: bulbs, trim, moulding, glass, lenses, paint, exhaust system, brake pads, linings, upholstery, etc. These items are considered to be ongoing maintenance items and are the responsibility of the vehicle owner. Further details on owner's responsibilities are found in the owner's manual supplement.

Extra Care Protection Plan Coverage

Extra Care Protection enhances the resale value of your used vehicle. Once you sign over the agreement, all the new owner has to do is fill out a transfer form and send it to ECP. No cost, no fuss, no hassle. Extra Care Protection is affordable when you buy and it may add value to your vehicle if you sell because buyers prefer vehicles with ECP coverage.
Your Toyota consists of thousands of moving parts, so it’s nice to know ECP is always there to keep you covered. Your Extra Care Protection plan provides:
  • Coverage of 16 major mechanical component groups
  • Your choice of terms, with a wide range of kilometer limits to suit your needs and your type of Driving needs
  • Service from any of 1500 Toyota dealers across North America
  • Peace of mind motoring
ECP helps get you home even if your vehicle has to stay in the shop overnight due to the failure of a covered component.
  • Up to $40 a day for a max. of 5 days rental
  • Additional 5 days if parts are on back-order
  • Up to $400 rental assistance per occurrence
When you are over 300 km from home, if a covered component fails call the toll-free number. ECP assists with up to $100 a day for 3 days for a maximum of $300 per occurrence.
  • Hotel
  • Meals
  • Alternate transportation
Just call our toll-free number and receive your personalized travel planner which includes:
  • Highlighted road, city and vacation area maps
  • Tour and accommodation directories
  • Alternate routes and trip log
  • List of Toyota Dealers en route
  • A package listing historical sites, attractions and entertainment along the way
To your preferred Toyota Dealership within 50 kms or to the nearest Toyota Dealership within 300 kms. Simply dial our toll-free number for assistance 1-888-TOYOTA-8.
  • help is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • up to $250 towing per occurrence
To your preferred Toyota Dealership within 50 kms or to the nearest Toyota Dealership within 300 kms. A second tow will be provided, if necessary, from an accident-reporting centre.
  • Up to $250 towing per occurrence

Up to $100 each time, for any of these services

  • boost a dead battery
  • provide key lockout service
  • deliver gas if you are stranded
  • change a flat tire
  • winching from a ditch

Used Vehicles - Powertrain Coverage Plan - Terms

This section is intended to provide an outline of Toyota Extra Care Protection Programs. For detailed information, see your Toyota Dealer. Coverage is based on information available at time of publishing and is subject to change without notice.

Used Vehicle - Extra Care Protection Plan Coverage Levels

You can select from 12 excellent levels of ECP coverage:

  • 12 months or 20,000 km*
  • 24 months or 40,000 km*
  • 36 months or 60,000 km*
  • * Whichever comes first
Ask your Dealer for details regarding a plan that best suits your driving needs.