Toyota Genuine Motor Oil

Toyota Genuine Motor Oil is available in two different types; Mineral and Synthetic. Both maintain the quality of your Toyota engine. TGMO is a unique combination of oil base stocks (mineral or synthetic) and a special additive package that promotes optimum engine performance.

Toyota Genuine Motor Oil (TGMO) protects the engine from energy loss, heat and wearing of contact surfaces caused by friction occurring in the engine. TGMO has five functions: lubrication, cooling, sealing, preventing corrosion and cleaning.

Motor oil forms an oil film on contact areas to reduce friction to prevent wearing, energy loss, and seizing.

Motor oil also absorbs heat from engine parts that become hot from the heat of combustion and the heat produced by friction. The oil then helps to radiate this heat to the outside of the engine.

Creating an oil film between the piston and cylinder seals the compressed gas and combustion gas in the combustion chamber to prevent a loss of power.

Preventing Corrosion
Motor oil protects the engine from oxygen and water present in the engine to prevent rust and corrosion.

Motor oil also washes away sludge, soot, and other substances that build up inside the engine to keep the engine clean.

Toyota Genuine Motor Oil and filter should be replaced according to the manufacturer's required maintenance schedule.