Toyota Safety Sense


Toyota’s newest advanced active safety system

Traction Control

When driving in a straight line, the TSS Traction Control features will limit wheel spin while on slippery surfaces

Blind Spot Monitor

Improve your awareness on the road with the TSS Blind Spot Monitoring system

Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

Regulate distance of the vehicle in front of you, as well as your cruising speed with Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

Parking Assist

Using sensors around the vehicle, the Parking Assist function detects obstacles around the vehicle and alerts the driver with an audible tone.

Pre-Collision System

The pre-collision system assists in detecting obstacles in front of your vehicle and asseses if there is potential for a collision

Lane Departure Alert

The Lane Departure Alert System detects visible traffic lines, giving audio and visual alerts when you drift over the lines

Backup Camera

An available backup camera increases your vision and assists with parking and reversing

Automatic High Beam Headlamps

Automatically switch between high and low beams as appropriate, getting as much light as possible without disturbing other drivers

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Available Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems have the added safety of alerting you when it detects low pressure in any of your tires

TOYOTA SAFETY SENSE (TSS) 2.5 Improvements

Newly Added Capabilities

Pre-Collision System TSS 2.5+ Improvements

The pre-collision system may warn you of oncoming pedestrians or vehicles when turning, and Emergency Steering assist to avoid collisions.

Dynamic Radar Cruise Control TSS 2.5+ Improvements

Dynamic Radar Cruise Control will reduce speed and automatically decelerate when driving through a curve if necessary

Lane Tracing Assist TSS 2.5+ Improvements

Lane recognition performance has been improved, and line of travel may be recognized in areas where road markings may have been temporarily interrupted.

Quality Builds Excellence

Toyota vehicles are built with durability, legendary quality, and reliability. This mean years of driving enjoyment and extended safety behind the wheel.

Front Collision Safety
Cruise Control
Toyota Safety Sense
2020 Toyota Corolla
Pedestrian Safety

Evolution Of Safety

We're constantly investing in development and research to raise our quality, helping to keep you safe. We try to lead the way with packaging safety features on all our vehicles, so when you drive our vehicles you can focus on the drive and the joy that comes with it.

Integrated Technologies

To improve the safety of your drive, Toyota brings together distinct areas of driving into an integrated approach


Thanks to a number of technologies that enhance your field of vision, you can take the guesswork out of backing into your parking spot. Backup Cameras with Guidelines with a Rear Cross Traffic Alert and Intelligent Parking Assist can park your vehicle almost unassisted.


Safety Technologies designed to help when the unexpected happens. Blind Spot Monitor to tell you when someone is in your blind spot, Lane Departure Alert keeps you in your lane with visual and audio alerts, Traction Control to keep you steady on slippery surfaces, and Anti-lock brakes to stop your wheels from locking during a sudden stop.


An accident can sometimes be unavoidable, however we have developed technology that can predict if you're going to get into an accident and help avoid it. The Pre-Collision System will warn you if there is an obstacle is detected, and apply brakes to reduce severity of the impact.


With safety features like seatbelts, air bags, and impact-absorbing safety features, Toyota vehicles have many passive safety features. Even the headrests and front seats have been specially designed to help reduce impact effects.