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Toyota TRD Accessories


There’s a saying in racing, “no guts – no glory.” Well,  that’s only partially true. Because today, it takes so much more: Like the brain  of an engineer. The soul of a racer. The heart of a winner. And the insight and  resources of a company like Toyota. Add it all up and you’ve got Toyota Racing  Development – TRD, the first name in high performance parts for your Toyota or  Scion.  TRD has played a prominent role  in racing for over five decades, capturing the checkered flag everywhere from  the legendary Brickyard of the Indy 500 to the high-speed racetracks of NASCAR,  from the top of Pikes Peak to the streets of Long Beach. Even at the grassroots  level, TRD engines and racing technology have been helping amateur competitors get  the edge and capture the glory.

But TRD does not live by racing alone – TRD is also about  producing the parts and equipment that today’s driving enthusiasts want,  allowing you to explore new levels of performance in your street-legal  Toyota/Scion car, truck or SUV.  What  makes TRD parts unique? First, every TRD part is designed and built to perform  to the same exacting standards that have made Toyota vehicles world famous –  that=s quality you can count on. Second, each component is crafted to fit with  exacting precision to make your driving experience even more gratifying and  exciting.  And third, each part is  thoroughly tested and refined to ensure your vehicle maintains the proper  safety margins on the street or at the track.

TRD: the oldest and best name in high performance for  your Toyota or Scion.

TRD Super Charger


TRD uses superchargers rather than turbochargers – both  designs do a good job of boosting top-end power, but what about low-end? While  turbo engines wait for the turbocharger to ‘spool up,’ the crank-driven  supercharged engine is accelerating off into the sunset! TRD superchargers are  tuned to deliver more torque and horsepower from idle to redline, giving you  immediate throttle response. That way, you get the power and torque of a larger  displacement engine when you want it – and the lighter weight and greater  efficiency of a smaller engine when you don’t. So when your goal is more  power. count on TRD superchargers to deliver.

Dictionary definition – a supercharger is a compressor  driven by the engine for supplying air under high pressure to the cylinders of  an internal combustion engine. Reality definition – a supercharger is a device  that plants an ear-to-ear grin on your face every time you step on the  accelerator!

The performance differential is dramatic, you might even  swear you dropped in a whole new motor, while all you did was bolt on a TRD  Supercharger.  Put simply, supercharging  provides the easiest, most dramatic and most reliable boost in horsepower and  torque; and thanks to Toyota Racing Development you can add peace of mind
to that equation, too. Because TRD superchargers are  purpose-built for each engine – no generic parts here. That way you know you  have the right combination for power, performance and long-term durability Here’s  why superchargers work: Higher cylinder pressure longer, rather than just high  peak pressure, means more power from every power stroke.

TRD Sport Muffler


TRD Sport Mufflers deliver a measurable boost in  performance, are emissions compliant, and meet all aftermarket noise limit  standards. Built exclusively of stainless
steel, TRD sport mufflers use factory-type connector flanges  and gaskets.

TRD Cat-Back Exhaust Systems boost performance by reducing  back pressure to add horsepower. “A Cat-Back” covers the entire  exhaust system, from the rear of the catalytic converter to the end of the  tailpipe. Cat-Backs are also known for producing a deep, throaty tone. Crafted  of stainless steel, these systems use factory-type connector flanges and  existing factory mounting hangers to ensure a precise fit and long-term  durability.

TRD Lowering Springs


How low do you want to go? Well, then, these TRD Lowering  Springs are just the ticket. They typically drop your vehicle from 1- to  1/2 -inches, lowering the center of gravity for quicker turn-in, enhanced  steering response and improved cornering.   They also come with another feature: peace of mind. Because you know that  before they go on your Toyota/Scion, TRD has had them out on the proving  grounds running through the slalom, skid pad and on the highspeed road course.  We do this for two reasons: to check the handling and to ensure they don’t  rattle, clunk or rub when pushed to the limit (when used with OEM or TRD  wheel/tire combinations).  And like all  TRD products, they’re built using the finest materials, like cold rolled, high  quality spring steel to prevent long-term setting or sagging.  Then they are phosphate-and-epoxy coated for  long-term corrosion protection. So when it’s time to get down: do it the TRD  way.

TRD Shock Absorbers


TRD performance shocks enhance your vehicle’s performance  by helping provide a firm, well-managed ride without excessive harshness. Tuned  specifically for each application,    these twin-tube, high-strength shocks and struts use more  aggressive valving to reduce body roll, resulting in overall enhanced response  and cornering performance.  Plus, a  shorter strut cartridge improves wheel travel. TRD performance shocks are  designed to work with either stock springs or TRD lowering springs and  complement TRD performance wheel/tire combinations, making them the ideal  choice for extreme street applications.



Truth is, the term “sway bar” is a misnomer. Actually,  they’re anti-sway bars because they reduce body lean in corners. To make that a  reality, TRD Sway Bars are typically 25 – 100% stiffer than stock. In real world  terms, that gives your Toyota/Scion a flatter, more stable cornering stance.  They also reduce under steer, providing you with more responsive feel, while  preserving the secure handling of the original steering and suspension systems.  These TRD sway bars are constructed of the highest quality materials and have  an attractive powder coat finish to prevent corrosion and road damage. TRD sway  bars work with stock suspension or a lowered vehicle and are a direct bolt-on. sway  BARS.

Pop the hood – nothing says serious better than seeing a  Strut Brace added to your Toyota/Scion. Check out the benefits – TRD strut  braces increase the chassis rigidity,
reduce flex and enhance handling during aggressive  cornering or rough-road driving. They also provide a tighter, more rigid  overall feel. Best of all, because they’re made by TRD you know they’re going  to fit right the first time. That’s because they’re constructed of the finest  materials and crafted to fit with exacting precision.  In fact, each application is rigorously  checked for fit and function and road-tested over a variety of road surfaces to  ensure there are no squeaks, rattles, or excessive ride harshness.

TRD Alloy Wheels


It’s too easy to assume all wheels are created equal. But  think about how they are engineered: At TRD, we go back to the basics studying the original engineering design criteria of the vehicle then we use  state-of-the-art CAD design techniques to create the right wheel for that  vehicle. That means having the proper offset. The right weight. Ensuring nothing  rubs the suspension or the body. And that there’s optimum ventilation for the  disc brakes. Once all that is accomplished, then the next step is making sure  these wheels are knockout gorgeous and finished to stand up to the rigors of  the road. Here’s another key fact – all TRD wheels are designed to work with  the existing Tire Pressure Monitoring System sensors, where applicable. All TRD  wheels are sold individually, complete with center cap and lug nuts.

TRD Big Brake Kit


TRD big brake kits are sized specifically to maintain  factory front-to-rear weight balance, while enhancing stability during  aggressive driving and panic stops. Plus, the calipers are finished in  high-temperature TRD red epoxy and boldly feature the TRD logo. TRD big brake kits  ? when only the best will do!

TRD High Performance Brake Pads


Look at the size of a brake pad. Now stop and think – 8  of those can bring a vehicle to a screeching stop in seconds. Impressive when  you have the right brake pads. And TRD High-Performance Brake Pads are the  right choice for select Toyota/Scion vehicles. These pads are a direct  replacement, so they’re easy to install. And, they use the optimum pad material  for impressive braking performance while minimizing wear, brake noise and  excessive brake dust and that’s a winning combination.

TRD High Performance Oil Filter


You may take your oil filter for granted, but this small,  inexpensive part of your vehicle’s lubrication system plays a vital role in  protecting the engine from premature wear ? particularly in a high performance engine.  Each moving part in the engine and the cylinder walls requires clean oil for  proper lubrication and lasting life. That’s why TRD High-performance oil  filters are designed to hold 45% more dirt than the leading national brand; that means TRD filters keep filtering long after other filters have completely  quit.  TRD high-performance oil filters  also have a silicone anti-drain valve that stays flexible at extreme  temperatures and eliminates dry start wear by retaining oil after engine  shutdown. It’s all about the design: inside these oil filters you’ll find  arch-pleated, low restriction internal filter media that lets the engine pump  more oil, helping to protect vital engine components.  TRD high performance oil filters deliver  filtering performance backed by TRD quality.

TRD High Performance Air Filter


Oil and water don’t mix. But what about oil and cotton?  Together, they form the basis for TRD High-Performance Air Filters. The  benefits are amazing: For one, it’s a free-flowing design that allows the  maximum amount of air into the engine with minimal resistance. Second, they do  not affect the factory warranty on your Toyota/Scion.

TRD Automatic Torque Biasing (ATB) Limited Slip Differential


TRD Automatic Torque Biasing (ATB) Limited Slip  Differential offers performance-minded owners increased traction under hard  acceleration and cornering. Features floating, helical gears, designed to  distribute power appropriately to wheels; helping prevent loss of drive when  wheel spin occurs by re-distributing the power to the wheel that has traction.

TRD Clutch Kits


On manual transmission-equipped vehicles, the clutch is  the vital link between the engine and drivetrain. And the right one makes all  the difference inthe world: Smooth shifting. Solid transfer of power. Long-term  durability.

TRD Cold Air Intake


When it comes to air, hot is bad, cool is good. Why?  Because when air is cold, it’s more dense: therefore, it packs more power.  One way to deliver colder air to the engine is by adding a TRD Cold Air Intake  system – these systems are dyno tested and deliver an increase in both  horsepower and torque for superior acceleration and more pulling power (they  sound good, too).

TRD Cold Air Intake


In the old west, gun battles were won by fastest draw. On track, races are quickest shifts. street, quicker shifts mean more driving enjoyment. To help make these goals a reality, TRD offers whole line of quickshifters that feature up to 1/3 shorter shift th row ddc-row as well faster, positive shifting. available for variety popular Toyota/Scion vehicles. Their performance-oriented leverage ratios and rugged steel construction create solid race-car-like feel.

TRD Cold Air Intake


TRD Parts are warranted for 12 months or 20,000 Kms from  the date of installation or the balance of the new vehicle warranty in force at  the date of installation, whichever is greater, when installed by an authorized  Toyota Dealer. TRD Parts installed by anyone other than an authorized Toyota  Dealer are warranted for 12 months. Specific warranty information is included  with the supercharger.

This warranty does not cover maintenance services such as  replacement of brake pads/linings and clutch linings. This warranty does not  cover noise, vibration, cosmetic conditions and other deterioration caused by  normal wear and tear. TRD customers are responsible for ensuring that the use  of any TRD Part complies with all applicable federal, provincial or local laws,  regulations and ordinances.

Disclaimer: Pricing is subject to change without notice,  actual price may vary; installed rates may also vary by dealer. Price does not  include applicable tax, or installation. Warranty may subject to change without  notice. Specification may change without notice. See your dealer for final  pricing, warranty, and availability.
Please note all information referring to applications,  pricing and availability is accurate at time of printing. Please check model  availability and full specification details with your Toyota dealer prior to  ordering.

Sale Eligilbilty:

TRD Parts, with the exception of Air Intakes and  Superchargers, have been deemed compliant and are available for sale on the  same bill of sale as a new vehicle.
When installing wheels on a vehicle prior to delivery,  ensure the recommended tire size is installed, along with the proper tire  pressure amendment label.