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For the average person, buying a vehicle is the second largest investment they will ever make and is not a decision that should be made without doing some thorough research. When you start comparing vehicles like a Corolla and a Civic, or a Camry and an Altima, you'll find that when it comes to fuel efficiency, options/technologies and warranties, most comparative models go toe to toe. If your split between two makes producing a similar vehicle your final decision is going to come down to the band that you trust. Toyota has a stellar track record and is widely recognized as one of the most respected companies in the world.

If you're looking for a reason to love Toyota, we've listed some of the reasons why Toyota is not just a great manufacturer of vehicles, but a great company to do business with.

Top Reasons to buy TOYOTA

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Leading Green Brand

For years, the Prius dominated the Hybrid/Green Vehicle market and it is a good thing that the competition has been catching up with their own great hybrid vehicles. What makes Toyota a leading green brand, though, is not just it's fleet of green vehicles, but it's commitment to corporate sustainability and reducing environmental impact in areas like manufacturing and shipping. In a recent NewsWeek article, Toyota was ranked the greenest car manufacturer and 35/500 overall.

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JD Power Award

Most Reliable Vehicle

Reliability and Toyota go hand in hand, a 2015 Polk Data study noted that 80% of Toyota's sold twenty years ago are still on the road today. In 2015 JD power gave Toyota 4 stars across the board for Overall Dependability and was number three overall even when compared to much more expensive Luxury brands.

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Best-Selling Nameplate in the World!

As a child, your mother might have asked you, "if everyone jumped off a cliff would you do it?", well, if everyone else is buying a Corolla, you might want to jump off that metaphorical cliff. Surpassing the VW Beetle in 1997 and hitting 40 million units sold in 2013 the Corolla has dominated vehicle sales for decades by offering great fuel efficiency, industry leading standard safety features and legendary Toyota reliability.

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Toyota Research

Research and Development

Toyota is an industry leader in research and development spending over 1 million dollars every hour across the globe totaling over 9.3 billion dollars annually! All that investments goes towards developing better environmental and hybrid systems as well as safety technologies to protect you and our planet!

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Toyota Worker

Providing Canadian Jobs

As of 2015 Toyota Canada currently employs 24,000 people across our country at it's two manufacturing facilities located in Woodstock and Cambridge Ontario and at it's 247 dealerships. As of December 2013, Toyota invested $9 billion into the Canadian economy and increased the number of Toyota vehicles sold in Canada, that were also produced in Canada to 50% well over 83% of all Toyota vehicles sold in Canada, were produced in North America, so much for being a foreign brand!

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IIHS Top Safety Pick

Top Safety Pick

Be it the IIHS, Ajac, J.D. Power or ecoEnegery, Toyota Models have been awarded time and time again top honours for safety, reliability, consumer trust and resale value. In 2013, Toyota had more top safety picks than any other brand. Below we've provided a link that breaks down all the awards per model that Toyota has received.

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Best Resale Value

Unless you're buying a vintage 300SL, whatever vehicle you purchase is going to depreciate in value. Doesn't it make sense then, to buy one that will retain it's value the best? In a 2015 study, edmunds.com named Toyota the winner of it's non-luxury "Best Retained Value Award" and projected that most Toyota's would retain 52.4% of their residual value after five years.

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